I love to do marketing stuff. Since I was in elementary school, I already sold accessories, cloths, foods, cosmetics, rent books.

Thats why on 2008 I started my official Online Shop with my college pals, Hanna and Firsti. We name it “Tokoshop”. We sell Batik accessories for home like Bed Cover Set,  Desk Cover, etc. We also sell Rotan Bags there. Oh yeaa, almost forget, we also sell Senswell parfume. Unfortunately, we were too busy to prepare our final thesis so we decided to close that online store. But it was really great time. And also great store of course 😉


Next on June 2009 I started my very own Online Shop. This time I made an Online Shoe Store. Why shoes? I found that I have a unique excitement with shoes. Its unique because I love to see beautiful shoes, draw and design them. So, I decide to make my own Shoes label : “Shoeshe Me”. Shoes, She, and Me.

Here my facebook page for Shoeshe Me ^_^

On Shoeshe Me, you can order your own shoes design. Anything as long as we can made it, we will made it for you. Woman and Man, we serve you all. Mostly customers request their own desire design. Some customers trust me to made them the design. Enjoy and trust is things that can you keep as my service guarantee.

Start on 2014, my shoes business has expand. Now I have a new label : AWL Shoes . I still serve custom shoes orders, but now i’m focusing on ready stocks collection. I choose genuine leather as main material, because it can reveal the beauty of my design, it’s longevity, perfect. I got many influence from 1940 shoes design where midi heels is on and cuteness is overload. You can check my collection at AWL Shoes webstore.

Thankyou for read this short story of my stores, and please please have visits to my Shoes Shop, I promise you won’t regret guys! 😉


Leave your tread here please :)

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