Quicky Dinner


So, im a housewife now. And as a good housewife, i cook for my husband. Well usually we go out for dinner on weekend. But today we already out all day so it seems like we are not in the mood to go, although im not really in the mood to cook, but i have to.

I open the fridge and see what items i can use for our quicky dinner tonight. Finally with my creativity and a very great sense of cooking, i made this tremendous fried noodle. I name it “Mie Boju”. Boju is abbreviation from reBon keJu, since they are the key of this beautiful taste noodle.

Here i give you the ingredients, please try this at your home and i guarantee you will forget the great taste of Indomie. LOL

Mie Boju


  • * Mie Telur 1/2 bungkus, rebus setengah matang, tiriskan
  • * 1sdm Rebon
  • * 2sdm Keju Parut
  • * 1/4 gelas Air


  • * Telur 2 butir (putihnya saja)
  • * 1/2 sdt minyak goreng


  • * 2 Siung Bawang Putih, Cincang
  • * 1/4 Bawang Bombay, Potong tipis
  • * Daun bawang secukupnya, Potong tipis
  • * 6 Cabai Rawit, Potong kecil
  • * 2sdt Paprika merah bubuk
  • * 1sdt Kecap inggris
  • * Merica hitam bubuk secukupnya
  • * 1sdm Kecap manis
  • * Garam secukupnya
  • II. Bumbu Telur
  • * 1sdt Daun basil kering
  • * 1sdt Kecap manis
  • * 1sdt Kecap asin
  • * 1sdt Merica putih bubuk

Cara buat :


* Campur putih telur dengan bumbu telur

* Kocok hingga merata

* Panaskan wajan, tuang minyak goreng

* Goreng dadar telur hingga matang

* Angkat, sisihkan


* Tumis bawang bombay dan bawang putih di atas wajan yang sudah panas sekitar 3 menit dengan panas sedang (atau hingga bawang kelihatan layu dan wanginya keluar)

* Masukkan kecap inggris, kecap manis, merica hitam bubuk, rebon, daun bawang & cabai rawit

* Campur diatas wajan hingga daun bawang terlihat agak layu

* Masukkan mie telur dan telur goreng, ratakan dengan bumbu

* Masukkan paprika merah bubuk dan garam, campur hingga rata

* Masukkan air untuk membantu meratakan bumbu

* Masukkan keju parut, campur lagi hingga rata

* Sajikan

There you go, have a nice quicky dinner!


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