Troubleshooting :: User Administrator Disappear

Hello World!

Last week I need to make my office computer able to remote from outside office. So, with my pitty experience I do some configuration on my computer.

Set here, set there, fix here, fix there.. And VOILA! My computer finally ready to accept remote connection.

But, today I just realize that something wrong happen. Some of my application missing. I try to remember what have I done, then I found that I have added a new administrator user on my computer, but as the consequence I lost my genuine administrator user and replace it with ‘another’ user with administrator previleges.

So, I do googling, and find a really really simple solution for this.

I simply go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Change the way users log on or off , And remove the Use Welcome Home Screen ticked.

Restart my computer, and now everytime I want to enter my computer, I need to type my username instead of just choose one that able on welcome screen. Simply put my old administrator name and password, and everything is back.

Yeay! Soo Happy!

Well there also another option to solve this kind of trouble, you can check here if you find my tips can’t work in your case guys. 😉


Leave your tread here please :)

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