Lego House

Recently i always play this Lego House by Ed Sheeran song. I dont know, its soo touchy (now :D).
Rasanya lagu ini banyak menuangkan galau gw sekarang.
If you ask what am I galauing about? I will kindly explain to you readers. 🙂

Gw selalu memusatkan perhatian ke pasangan gw. Its like when i have boyfriend, then he will become my atmosphere, my world, my air.
And what coming next is, most time my family cant get along with it. It kind of so much difficult to get my boyfie in to my family, vice versa. Well, if you can see how the real condition, its not as bad as i explain above. But deep inside, it is.

Next problem is, i have to separate with my man. He works miles away from me. Long Distance Relationship. As we pretend that we are ok, as we become cranky about this. Soo many shits comin up. He starts to think that im changing, I keep worrying about he’ll cheat.. Stuffs like that.

Last night we had again the argue. But something happen. I can talk to him what i want, and he talks about his feelings. That was really something. We are upgrading to the next level.

Thats it. This all about.

Im gonna pick up the pieces, and build a lego house. If things go wrong we can knock it down..
Im out of touch, im out of love, i’ll pick you up when you get down. And out of all these things i’ve done, i think i love you bigger now.


Leave your tread here please :)

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