Removing Unneeded Files on Hardisk

Hello there,
I recently had trouble with my C disk on windows 7.
The size is increased time by time while I removing some of my programs.
Then.. I try several software that I found on Google, but they didnt help me much. They just gave me kind of report about my disk capacity.

I keep on my search then finally I found what I want!
The problem solver actually already on my windows, its just me who didnt aware bout this util. Hehehe..

So if you also suffer from this kind of trouble, simply use the Windows Disk Cleanup Wizard to perform all of the following tasks to clear space on your hard disk:
+ Remove temporary Internet files
+ Remove any downloaded program files (ActiveX controls and Java applets downloaded from the Internet)
+ Empty the Recycle Bin
+ Remove Windows temporary files
+ Remove Windows components that you are not using
+ Remove installed programs that you no longer use

To start Disk Cleanup, click Start, type Run, and then type cleanmgr.

Then follow your insting to remove what you feels propper for you computer.

Good Luck! ^_^


Leave your tread here please :)

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